"A light fighting game that's not very fair."

- RPG.net


"Even with all the chaos, the game is a pretty good little filler style card game."

- Gaming Bits Review


Available now through US Games and Alliance Distributers for Retailers


In this crazy new card game, players battle the DEMENTED, DISGUSTING AND DERANGED... 
from macabre characters to diabolical traps! Using action cards, players try to beat each encounter they face. If successful, they get a coin... if not, they lose a card. Players may also confiscate coins from their opponents by attacking them with BACKSTAB moves.
The first player to rack up 25 cents WINS THE GAME! 
* 119 Cards
* 18 Coins
* 12 Backstab Tokens
* 1" Large Custom Die
* Easy to Use Comic-style Instructions